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Save Money On Chiropractic Services By Calling 800-319-5243

Back pain is a major problem for many Americans. It can affect work, playing with kids and just enjoying life. However, many have found chiropractic care to be expensive in order to receive proper treatment. The Merchant Discount Health Plan (800-319-5243) gives members large discounts on chiropractic services through providers that are participating in the program. Members receive a free consultation in order to determine the services needed. For more information visit or call 800-319-5243.

Save Up To 50% With The Merchant Discount Health Plan

After receiving a free consultation with the Merchant Discount Heath Plan through a participating provider, members will be able to save up to 50% off of services needed to correct chiropractic issues. On-site diagnostic services including x-rays are 50% off for members. For chiropractic care and other qualifying services members of the Merchant Discount Health Plan (800-319-5243) will save 30%. For more information on the program visit or call 800-319-5243.

Want To Use A Chiropractor Not Currently Participating In The Program?

The network of providers that participate in the Merchant Discount Health Plan is constantly growing. A representative of the Provider Relations Department is willing to contact a non-participating Chiropractor to help them become a part of the program. In order for a representative to contact them, they will need the name, address and telephone number of the chiropractic office. For more information on the Merchant Discount Health Plan call 800-319-5243 or visit

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